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Toddler Steps — 2 year olds (30 minutes)
Fall Session: September-December (must be 2 years old by September 1st)
Spring Session: February-May (must be 2 years 5 months old by February 1st)

Our Toddler Steps program is based in rhythms and rhymes. Children join in finger play songs, sing with movement and explore the dance space while moving to music. You may be surprised at how much your
2 year old can learn!! Parent or guardian plan to dance with us for the first 6 weeks, after that we are on our own!! Toddlers have their end of the year show in studio with snacks!! So appropriate for this age!!

Steps Too! — 3 and 4 year olds (45 minutes)
Steps Too! was originally developed as a straight 4 year old program. Over the years we have invited 3 year olds in. It is an exciting class as for the first time, the dancers get to learn some tap! We leave plenty of time to expand on our ballet steps and vocabulary! You get to see your kids really grow up!

Ballet and Tap Combo Class — 5-6 year olds (1 hour)
We dedicate the first 40 minutes of class to learning many ballet positions, steps and terminology. We also continue to work on musicality, flexibility and posture. The last 20 minutes are spent reviewing and learning new tap exercises and steps. We find school-aged kids really enjoy the challenge!

Ballet Levels 1 and 1/2 - 7 years and up (1 hour)
All ballet classes begin with a warm-up for stretch and strengthening. Dancers next move to barre work, combinations center floor and across the floor work. It is nice to dedicate one full hour to your ballet studies.

Ballet 2 and Ballet 3 - 9 years and up (1.5 hours)
Grade one ballet must be successfully completed and the dancer must be well on their way to completing level 2 ballet prior to entrance into these classes. At this level our dancers can handle doing a full ballet barre with all the elements needed to help them work with control and technique center floor. With the added time we can be even more dedicated to learning our turns, grande allegro, waltz combinations and soutes.

Fundamentals - 8 years and up (30 minutes)
This a 30 minute class dedicated to teaching and showing our dancers how to dance healthy. We learn about alignment, core strength, foot and ankle strength, our hips and how to use them to turn out our legs. We balance and resist and stretch all in an effort to KEEP OUR DANCERS HEALTHY and out of the doctor’s office!

Pre-pointe - 10 years and up with pre-screening (45 minutes)
Must be enrolled in 2 ballet classes and Fundamentals
Many young dancers aspire to go on pointe someday. And on pointe we want to put you. When you are
ready!! George Balanchine was known to say “What is the point of going on pointe if you can’t do anything when you get up there”. Perfectly said. So we follow a protocol to get our dancers strong enough to be successful on pointe. Their bodies prove to us they are ready.

Beginner Pointe- 12 years and up
Must have successfully completed Pre-pointe. Must be enrolled in 2 ballet classes and Fundamentals.
Having taken a comprehensive approach to our pre-pointe program we continue that dedication to teaching our dancers how to use their minds and bodies to be successful en pointe.  We want our pointe students to dance safe, be strong, train mindfully and become beautiful classical ballerinas.

Tap Levels 2 and up — 7 years and up (30-45 minutes)
Dedicated tap classes as our dancers get older. Buffalos, Maxifords, Trenches, Riffs, Time steps and maybe even some Wings!!

Jazz — 6 years and up (45min-1hour)
Technical, like ballet!! We stretch, move across the floor and learn steps and choreography. Older jazz dancers with experience will begin to explore lyrical jazz which is a blend of ballet and jazz.

Jazz Funk - 8 years and up (1 hour)
Jazz Funk can be a combination of jazz and other forms of dance for example hip hop, lyrical and ballet among others. Here at TDS we are blending jazz with a bit of contemporary. Either way it is still based in the jazz technique of isolations, turns, leaps, extensions and flexibility.

Hip Hop — 5 years and up (45 or 60 minutes)
Hip hop dancers must be enrolled in ballet or jazz.
Hip hop refers to many different dance styles. It refers ironically to dance styles that evolved in school yards, streets and other everyday places rather than the dance studio. In our program we strive to reach a balance between hip hop’s roots of improvisation and the dance school’s element of choreography. Get ready to pop, lock and get funky!!

Hip Hop Performance Group (HHPG) 8-10 and 10 years and up *By audition only (45 minutes for 16 weeks) New this year we will have auditions for a Junior Hip Hop team as well a Teen Hip Hop team
Required classes: (1) Fundamentals, (1) Ballet or Jazz, (1) Hip Hop, (1) HHPG
We will compete at 2-3 competitions and attend a convention or 2.

Irish Step — 4 years and up (45 minutes)
Come learn a jig or rock a reel! Irish step for the “common man”. Learn this awesome art form with no strings (competitions, expensive costumes) attached. Learn it for the love of it!

Irish Step-Hard Shoe - 8 years and up with approval (45 minutes)
Must be enrolled in Fundamentals
A class for the experienced jiggers. Similar to a tap shoe, a hard shoe or often referred to as a heavy shoe is another type of Irish step dance. With a fiberglass tipped shoe, there will be lots of noise to be made in this class!  The more I learn about Hard Shoe and Irish Dancing in general, the better we can make our program.  Hard Shoes are a bit like going on Pointe.  A right of passage!!  A statement that you are at that in your training, conditioned and strong enough to move on.  Because we want to train strong dancers in an effort to keep them safe and injury free, we have added the Fundamentals requirement for hard shoe students.  Dance on!

Musical Theater — 5 years and up (45 minutes)
Enrollment in a technique class (ballet or jazz) is highly recommended.
This is a offered as a six week workshop in the fall and a 10 week workshop in the spring for ages 8 and up and a full year for our younger dancers. Musical Theater is a jazz based class that incorporates 3 elements: dancing, acting and singing. Triple threat = Dancing, acting and singing all in the same performance that has a storyline. Think “Oklahoma”, “A Chorus Line”, “The Wizard of Oz”, “The Lion King” or “42nd Street”!

Contemporary — 8 years and up (1 hour)
Contemporary students must be enrolled in Ballet or Jazz.
This style of dance borrows from jazz, ballet and modern dance. You will be trained in how to improvise, do floor work, contract and release and lots of other powerful yet controlled movements. Be ready to work hard to “move” your audience.

Ballet/Contemporary/Jazz Performance Group (BCJPG) - 10 years and up *By audition only (45 minutes for 16 weeks)
Required classes: (1) Fundamentals, (1) Ballet (1) Contemporary (1) Jazz (1) BCJPG
We will compete with a ballet, contemporary and/or jazz piece (Most likely 2 of the 3 genres) at 2-3 competitions and attend a convention or 2.

Older Beginner Class Jazz/Hip Hop - 15 years and up (60 minutes)
If you have been away from dance or have never danced before, join us! We are here for you!!

Adult Hip Hop-(60 minutes)
One word FUN!!!